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Looking for an inexpensive gift that is "Useful", Unique" and "Unforgettable"? This handmade papier- mâché mirror fits the bill. The recipient of this decorative work of art will be charmed by its "unique" decoupaged craftsmanship of mosaic-like structure. Simply engrave a message of "Thank You" or "I Love You" on the mirror, making it truly unforgettable.

Eco-friendly, (the frame is papier-mâché - 100% recycled newspaper).  "ZULA" ornamental mirror comes in 7 different swatches. Collect them. Share them.

  • Frame made of 100% recycled newspaper
  • Ball chain hung
  • Glass Mirror
  • Eco Art
  • 3-D Paper Art
  • Artist Signed
  • Made in USA

6" outside diameter
2" inside mirror diameter
9" when hung

*** Check out my larger sized mirrors (16" diameter), if this little ornament-sized mirror is too small. ***


ENGRAVING ON MIRROR AVAILABLE - Have any logo, quote, message engraved in a 2 ½” area to personalize. Engraved area can be filled with any ONE of the following colors:

  • Black Onyx
  • Winter White
  • Midnight Blue
  • Colonial Red
  • Spring Green

Click on CUSTOMIZE to preview engraving options.



Black, White & Grey Color Study: Black, White & Grey. Sophisticated and cleverly collaged with black, grey and white plain and patterned paper. Black = elegance & Silver represents richness.

Green Color Study: Green multi-toned paper. Solid and pattered hints of gold and black for contrast. PLEASE, NOTE: TEXT IS NOT INCLUDED. Used as demonstration to show how your logo, quotes, message could look with engraving.

Patchwork: The “Patchwork” technique is a vibrant mosaic of mix and match hues, shapes and sizes of colored paper, both plain and patterned. Mirror ornament decoupaged with a festival of color. Bright and Vivid. Creative. Unique. Attractive. Whimsical. Gift worthy of her or him.

Neutral Color Study: A wonderful mix of neutral, brown, black and gold: plain & patterned colored paper. Brown represents Earth, Security & Contentment. Those who like brown tend to love nature, simplicity and comfort.

Solid Green paper, plain and patterned used.

Solid Red paper, plain and patterned used.

International Stamps: Designed w/ Stamps from all over Our World - Pictorial & Topical: Flora & Fauna, Insects, Technology, various Personalities, Events, Issues and Causes, plus more, etc.


 Useful Ideas: This lovely piece is the perfect accessory to brighten up a small work-space. Collect all the designs - hang them together.

Gift Ideas: Give as a gift that reflects your thoughtfulness and appreciation.

  • Anniversary – with your names and wedding date engraved on mirror
  • Thank your Religious/Spiritual School: Pastor/Teacher/Worker who takes your kids during the Service
  • Gift to those who provide a service to you regularly that you tend to overlook, ie. Caregiver, Babysitter, Pet Sitter/Dog Walker, Manicurist, Postal Carrier, Local Coffee Shop Employee, Personal Trainer, Neighbor, Friend, Co-Worker, Client
  • Give as an Event/Party Favor
  • Give as a gift to your wedding party - bridesmaids Stocking stuffer, secret Santa
  • Gift to a neighbor who waters your plants while you are away
  • Swag Bag