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"A Creative Work of Art that is Functional, Delightful and Impactful." Hang in the entrance way of your home for an immediate visual stimulating experience as soon as you enter, adds a bit of a wow factor to the space. This attractive mirror combines movement and form through a mosaic-like decoupage technique. The paper is individually layered, patterned on solid.

Mirrors hold the power to brighten a room or space and make it look bigger. This textured mirror will create a 3-dimensional level to your wall and act as a “personal” statement piece. Handcrafted, fun, creative, unique and attractive.  Entry Mirrors can often be the finishing touch that a space needs. Too, this mirror would make an exciting addition to your existing accent wall of mirrors. Eco-friendly, (the frame is papier-mâché - 100% recycled (newspaper).  "WHEEL" mirror comes in 2 different swatches.  * Do not hang mirror in direct sunlight.


  • Frame made of 100% recycled newspaper
  • Glass Mirror
  • Eco Art
  • 3-D Paper Art
  • Artist Signed
  • Made in USA

Dimensions: 19" Outside frame 13.5” Inside mirror diameter 4 lbs. Weight

ENGRAVING ON MIRROR AVAILABLE - Have any logo, quote, message engraved in a 6” x 6” area to personalize. Engraved area can be filled with any ONE of the following colors:

  • Black Onyx
  • Winter White
  • Midnight Blue
  • Colonial Red
  • Spring Green

Click on CUSTOMIZE to preview engraving options.



Black, White & Grey Color Study: Black, White & Grey. Sophisticated and cleverly collaged with black, grey and white plain and patterned paper. Black = elegance & Silver represents richness. Black and white sophistication and power; works well with other colors, like greens and yellows.  ($410)
Neutral Color Study: A wonderful mix of neutral, brown, black and gold: plain & patterned colored paper. Brown represents Earth, Security & Contentment. Those who like brown tend to love nature, simplicity and comfort. ($410)


Useful Ideas: This lovely piece is the perfect accessory decor for an entryway or foyer. As well, it would work well in a bedroom, dorm room, or brighten your small space - apartment, tiny home, powder room or office.